Skoda Yeti Features


The Skoda Yeti has been designed to perform. An intelligent 4x4, it doesn't just look the part of a thoroughbred off-roader, it backs it up with its performance as well.


THE BUILDThe Skoda Yeti is the only SUV in the Skoda stable and borrows the best from its illustrious lineage. It integrates some of the best solutions to offer a unique mix of safety, functionality and comfort in a signature design, which is evident in the exterior as well as the interior of the car. And being a quintessential Skoda, it has been built like a tank; ideal for taking on the rough and tumble of the great outdoors. The Skoda Yeti also introduces a host of innovations that appear for the first time in a Skoda car.

When it comes to its appearance, though the Yeti is a definitive off-roader, it still stays true to its roots. The boldly shaped radiator grille with chrome surround clearly evokes the Skoda brand feel. The bonnet also features the characteristic Skoda pressing rising from the logo in the middle of the radiator grille. In the rear, the car features the distinctively Skoda brake lights which light up in the 'C' shape. The wrap around headlamps are complemented by the uniquely high-set large front fog lamps.


THE BUILDThe Skoda Yeti's unique design gives an impression of ruggedness that simply begs for expeditions off the beaten path. The dynamics of the Yeti's profile are enhanced by the silver roof rails extending from the front to the back. This neatly compliments the silver brush guards, which not only protect the outer body from scratches, but also improve the vehicle's overall rugged appearance. The Yeti's squared-off wheel wells are dimensioned for the use of 16 inch alloy wheels. In order to maintain the pure lateral line, the rear side doors overlap the rear wheel arch rims, making for a visually clean side profile.


THE BUILDThe Yeti has been designed in a manner which not only improves its sturdy appearance, but also provides several protective measures. At the front of the car, its functional design is characterised by the higher positioned head lamps and fog lamps. Not only does this offer a clearer view ahead in foggy conditions, their position protects them from dirt and damage when going off the road. The taillights go all the way to the wings, and when activated, the traditional 'C' lights up. Toughened cover on the underside of the car protects vital mechanical parts from knocks and abrasions. The Yeti also comes with a black, textured rear bumper with a silver coloured brush guard - which enhances the vehicles off-road look. At its outer edges, the rear bumper is complemented by longitudinal reflective surfaces, commonly known as cat's eyes. All in all, the Yeti is an SUV with as many unique functions as it has good looking attributes.


THE BUILDThe Yeti may be rugged on the outside, but on the inside it is sheer pleasure. It offers you space, comfort and conveniences beyond your expectations. Inside, you will find five individual seats, with those in the rear featuring the unique VarioFlex system. As a result, the Yeti can truly adapt to very different storage needs: it can take the form of a classic five-seater, a particularly spacious four-seater, or a practical and useful two-seater with maximum cargo space.

The Yeti has been intelligently designed to afford the best possible view from the car, irrespective of where you are seated. The ample glass surfaces along with aptly shaped A-pillars ensure a near-panoramic view of the terrain outside. While the large effective rear view and side mirrors lower the risk of anything missing the driver's attention.

The Yeti also comes with a well-designed dashboard and central console, both of which reinforce its rugged 4x4 feel with the Boreal wood design decor. The Yeti also sports a dual tone interior design with the lavish use of Gobi sand shade stylish, yet rugged. Pin It