The Indian Art SKODA PRIZE 2012

The ŠKODA Prize is the largest and most prestigious award on the Indian visual arts scene. It recognizes cutting-edge work demonstrating vision, innovation, and a mature understanding of material and form. The Prize brings to public notice exciting trends in contemporary art, highlighting the output of established mid-career artists as well as new voices. The winner of The ŠKODA Prize 2012 will receive 10 lakh rupees and a trophy.

The ŠKODA Prize is the brainchild of Martin da Costa, and is run by the company he founded, Seventy EMG.

The Purpose of ŠKODA Prize is to establish a benchmark for quality among young and mid-career Indian artists. Currently, the only benchmarks we possess are price estimates determined by auction sales, and selections for the international exhibitions driven as much by politics as by considerations of artistic merit. There is no comprehensive indigenous benchmark of quality available. The ŠKODA Prize aims to fill this gap.

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